Comparison to other Frameworks

There are a lot of analytics tools on the market. But not all tools are created equal, especially when it comes to preserving privacy. We aren't here to tell you what to use, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand what is truly being offered. This comparison chart is meant to help outline features we find important and see how the Clean Insights approach stacks up against the competition. We hope you find it helpful. This is a working chart. Comments are encouraged and amendments can be made. Please share ideas on what features you find useful in a privacy preserving analytics tool or any other comparisons you'd like to see on the chart.

Clean Insights vs. Other Frameworks

Clean Insights Matomo Plausible Fathom Google Analytics
Self-Hosting Option 🟡*
Cloud-Hosting Option
Free Option
Real time insights ❌**
JS Library/SDK Available
Android SDK Available ❌ ***
IOS SDK Available ❌*** ❌ ***
Python SDK Available
Rust SDK Available
Open source ❌ ****
Trust-building consent methodology that goes beyond "compliance"
Easy access to underlying Data (take your data with you)
Deployment Experience
Gather only what you need by default 🟡 ***** 🟡 *****
Customizable Platform (Dashboard)
Integration requires asking yourself questions (thoughtful consideration)
Technical Support
Expert consultations for UX and data strategy
On-Device Aggregation by design
Cookie-free by default
PII-Free Database by default ❌ ******
EU/GDPR Compliant Options


* Fathom Lite is not getting feature additions

** Because you can use it with Matomo

*** Only via HTTP API

**** Only Fathom Lite

***** Defaults to a sparing set of data, but assumes everyone wants the same thing

****** Google forbids deliberate collection of PII by Analytics customers but can store PII itself (e.g. cookie or IP address)

Privacy Preserving Measurement and Clean Insights
Four step process