Best Practices

Guidelines for opt-in consent

Below are some of the best practices we encourage you to consider when designing an opt-in consent experience.

✅ It gives the user time to decide.

✅ It doesn’t interrupt a flow or task.

✅ It asks at a relevant time.

✅ It tells the user exactly what they are consenting to. No black boxes!

✅ It is clear about how the data will be used and by whom.

✅ It fashionably structures text into bite-sized pieces. No 20 minute reads!

✅ It uses language that empowers the user.

✅ It uses visuals to reinforce the text.

✅ It only gathers information that it has permission to use. It does not ‘pile on’ data collection over time without user consent.

✅ It neutralizes ‘yes’ and ‘no’. A neutral consent experience does not try to influence the user’s choice.

✅ It offers choice. Give the user the ability to choose which data to share or for how long (as applicable).

✅ It gives an option to opt out at any time.

✅ It fits naturally into the app experience.


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