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To measure traffic on Clean Insights’ websites, we use – you guessed it – Clean Insights. We also use Matomo.js so we can see a side-by-side comparison and monitor how Clean Insights performs against other analytics techniques.

That data goes to, our self-hosted Matomo+CIMP server.

If you don’t want to be measured, you can withdraw consent. You can also (re-)grant consent. That setting will opt you out and in from both sets of analytics.

We talk a great deal about consent, so you might be wondering why we use opt-out analytics on our own webpage. As with any Clean Insights implementation, consent UX should respect the context. In this context, the data collected are minimal, and the risk to participating users is low. For example, if a user is visiting, a nosy ISP seeing additional web traffic to wont learn anything new. By contrast, if we were measuring activity in an otherwise offline application and added analytics that sent data over the network to, we might think about it differently.

We also weigh the risk in this context against the costs of opt-in. We also expect many one-time or few-time visitors to our site (as opposed to say, an app which is used daily). A consent banner isn’t fun for anyone, so in this case, we decided against one.

If you have feedback on analytics on this site or you want to talk about consent UX for your own applications, drop us a line at the contact link below.

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